Luxury Christmas Cracker


Start your Christmas with a bang with our luxurious Christmas Crackers! A chocolate, a hat and a joke in every one!

No Christmas meal is complete without the arm-crossed, don’t-knock-anything-off-the-table snap of multiple Christmas crackers going off at once! This year, ensure your yuletide meal is oh-so-sophisticated and more memorable than ever with a set of our elegant Christmas Crackers. 

Featuring our most popular Gingerbread House chocolate, each Christmas Cracker offers a delicious alternative to single-use toys or puzzles. Our alcohol-free chocolate is perfect for the whole family to enjoy, and we're sure the little ones will appreciate each mouthful just as much as the grown-ups.

Expect only the highest quality chocolate for the ultimate chocolate-tasting experience. You'll also find a pink paper crown for the kings, queens, princes, and princesses in your life, and each cracker-bearer will have a joke to entertain the family with. We can't guarantee the joke is going to be funny - but isn't it more festive when it's not?

Our Table Crackers are designed by our fantastic Irish designer for an effortlessly stylish aesthetic. Impress your dinner guests and enjoy the gift of ethically-sourced chocolate this Christmas!

So what are you waiting for? Pull a cracker and get your Christmas on!