Ginger All The Way Chocolate Tree

This chocolate bar is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. The earthy flavour of ginger pairs perfectly with our signature white chocolate, adding a little ‘kick’ to your Christmas treat!

Warm up your holiday season with our festive ginger chocolate Christmas tree! This delicious treat is made with gently warming ginger and smooth blonde chocolate, creating a unique and unforgettable flavour experience.

Packed with crystallised ginger, this bar is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and warm your soul. The naturally spicy profile of the ginger is perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the blonde chocolate, resulting in a flavour that is both bold and comforting.

At Grá Chocolates, we use only the finest ingredients to create our luxury chocolate. Our blonde chocolate is made with cocoa beans that have been roasted for a longer period of time, resulting in a deep, caramelised flavour.

This Christmas, indulge in a slice of our ginger chocolate Christmas tree and experience the magic of the holiday season in every bite.


Contains  gluten and dairy products.