Pistachio and Raspberry Christmas Tree


Celebrate the magic of Christmas with our festive white chocolate Christmas tree, studded with whole roasted pistachios and freeze-dried raspberries. This delightful treat is sure to bring joy to your holiday season.

Tangy raspberries, creamy white chocolate, and moreish roasted pistachios come together in perfect harmony in this decadent Christmas tree bar. We've upgraded the classic fruit and nut combination with our unique take on this classic Christmas treat.

We've added tangy, real raspberries with opulent white chocolate, then sprinkled with pistachios to create this smooth, yet zesty, Christmas tree. The zingy raspberry notes are mellowed by our high-cocoa butter white chocolate, resulting in a harmonious balance between sweet and sour flavours.

With a sprinkling of crunchy pistachio nuts and a scattering of real raspberry pieces, our Christmas tree bar is complete. These festive additions bring a nibbly crunch and an extra pop of chocolate and raspberry flavour to every bite.

Indulge in a slice of our white chocolate Christmas tree this holiday season and experience the joy of Christmas in every bite.


Contains  nuts, gluten and dairy products.