Orange Festive Feast Chocolate Tree


This chocolate bar is the perfect combination of sweet and sour. The orange flavouring  pairs wonderfully with our signature milk chocolate.

What better way to celebrate the festive season than with a delicious and decadent chocolate orange Christmas tree? This delightful treat is made with the finest 45% milk chocolate and bitter orange peel, creating a truly unforgettable flavour experience.

As you take a bite of this festive treat, the rich, creamy milk chocolate will melt on your tongue, releasing its sweet and buttery flavours. The zesty orange peel will then add a burst of citrusy goodness, perfectly balancing the sweetness of the chocolate. The result is a flavour that is both sweet and tangy, refreshing and satisfying.

Our chocolate orange Christmas tree is the perfect way to end a Christmas meal or simply treat yourself to a taste of the holiday season. It's also a wonderful gift for friends and family who love chocolate and oranges.

So gather your loved ones around the Christmas tree and indulge in a slice of our chocolate orange Christmas tree. Let the magic of the holiday season fill your heart with joy as you savour this delicious and festive treat.


Contains nuts and dairy products. Made in an environment that handles gluten.