Bushmills Hot Chocolate

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Bushmills Irish Whiskey and Grá Chocolates collaborate to launch a limited edition hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate reimagined 

Working with Bushmills, Gráinne has found harmony between aromatic and characterful Black Bush whiskey and a bespoke velvety chocolate pairing to create a new limited edition Grá Chocolates x Bushmills Black Bush hot chocolate.

Remarking on the partnership, Gráinne said: “When I was invited to create something new with one of the most innovative whiskey brands in Ireland I had to say yes. Chocolate and whiskey go so well together. The intense sweet sherry profile of Black Bush balanced with the rich notes of my rich cacao chocolate make this a stand-out marriage of flavours to savour. It is pure happiness for people to enjoy especially as we approach the indulgent festive season!”

Our gourmet hot chocolate has a smooth and elegantly balanced bite. We came up with a unique mix of chocolates that would balance perfectly with the flavours of Bushmills Black Bush whiskey. Translated into hot chocolate it delivers a deeply satisfying chocolate hit with rich and fragrant tones of cocoa and just a hint of whiskey. 

For the perfect cup just add 35g - that’s about 6 teaspoons - of our real chocolate flakes into your favourite mug with 15ml of Bushmills Black Bush. Then warm the milk of your choice - dairy, nut or plant based. Once the milk has heated, pour it over the chocolate and mix until smooth. Be careful not to boil as this will interfere with the intriguing top notes of the cacao.

Each box is packed with real chocolate, and a few secret ingredients. The resealable box means each cup will taste as rich and satisfying as the last. This is your new go-to Hot Chocolate for any occasion!