Irish Handmade Chocolate Box


Herbalicious Box

Limited Edition box of 12 hand-painted crescent chocolates with original fillings (80g).

The Herbalicious range has been inspired by Gráinne’s Mother, Esther’s, beautiful garden. Gráinne has always been intrigued by Esther’s green fingers and was spoiled with having a larder in her back garden when she was growing up.

Esther has a wealth of knowledge and has always grown interesting herbs and vegetables, from wasabi to lovage. Gráinne wanted to share these unique herb flavours creating this very special and unique limited edition collection.

Each of the featured herbs, including fennel, lovage, blackcurrant leaf and lemon balm, have truly unique flavours which have been carefully paired with the finest quality chocolates. The anise flavours of fennel match beautifully with blonde chocolate and caramelised fennel seeds. Lovage, with its unique flavour profile, can withstand the intensity of dark chocolate. The delicate flavour of lemon balm is accentuated by silky white chocolate. The fragrant blackcurrant leaf and delicate blackcurrant compote are perfect matches for a smooth milk chocolate.

Each individual chocolate heart is carefully hand-painted, with a delicious filled centers and magical flavours and textures. Attention to detail is king, as we ensure your enjoyment of ‘rud éigin milis’ (something sweet).

You can easily pre-order your box of Grá Chocolates, allowing you to order in advance. Select an available shipping date below. The pre-ordered box of chocolates will ship on your selected date.

Is milis an saol é (It’s a sweet life).

Le grá ó,

Gráinne xx

Weight : 200 grams