Berry Best

Indulge in the irresistible combination of raspberries and chocolate!

The Berry Best Chocolate Heart is made with fresh hand-picked raspberries from the country fields of Galway.
Using Gráinne’s traditional Family recipe, these raspberries are transformed into a sweet and fruity jam. Only the most perfect raspberries have made their way into our delightful chocolate heart.
We are talented chocolatiers, but even we accept that nature does it best!

Our legendary dark chocolate ganache has been spiked with wild raspberry liquor, which unleashes the indulgent preserved raspberries. This, combined with creamy white chocolate, creates an indulgent yet balanced treat.

As aesthetically pleasing as it is irresistible, this giant chocolate heart will make the perfect treat for any chocoholic in your life. If you’re a fan of fruity and chocolatey treats (and like us, often find it hard to choose between them), then this one’s for you!

Our Limited Edition heart will make you feel like you have just taken a trip to a summer haven! This premium chocolate has been carefully created to take your senses on a journey of indulgent discovery.

Is milis an saol é (It’s a sweet life).

Le grá ó,

Gráinne xx

Weight : 200 grams



Contains milk products.

May contain traces of nuts, soy.