Alpine for you


A summer treat inspired by woodland Strawberries ♡

This Alpine Strawberry Chocolate Heart brings you a burst of Irish summertime. Pop a piece in your mouth and you could be enjoying the waves of the ocean or relaxing on the grass at a sun-drenched picnic spot.

We’ve condensed all this – and more – into our Alpine For You.

We’ve picked real woodland strawberries and fresh apple mint to form our delicious fillings, and encased it all in our sumptuous strawberry chocolate. We have perfectly balanced smooth mint ganache with fresh strawberry and mint compote and chewy woodland strawberries.

The Alpine Strawberries are picked here in Co. Galway which ensures they are at maximum freshness before we turn them into little chewy morsels.

Our Limited Edition heart will make you feel like
you have just taken a trip to a summer haven!
This premium chocolate has been carefully
created to take your senses on a journey of
indulgent discovery.

Is milis an saol é (It’s a sweet life).

Le grá ó,

Gráinne xx

Weight : 200g



Contains milk products.

May contain traces of nuts, soy.