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Here we are for the chocolate lovers! And even might I say for those who think they don’t like chocolate. The fillings, the flavours and the textures – this is something new! Learn to love chocolate again by exploring incredible tastes in a Grá Chocolate box.

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Herbalicious Box


Limited Edition box of 12 hand-painted crescent chocolates with original fillings.

The Herbalicious range has been inspired by Gráinne’s Mother, Esther’s, beautiful garden. Gráinne has always been intrigued by Esther’s green fingers and was spoiled with having a larder in her back garden when she was growing up.

Esther has a wealth of knowledge and has always had fascinating herbs and vegetables, from wasabi to lovage. Gráinne wanted to share these unique herb flavours and has created an extremely unique limited edition range of herb chocolates.

Each of the herbs including, fennel, lovage, blackcurrant leaf and lemon balm, have truly unique flavours and have been carefully paired with chocolate that compliments the finest quality chocolate. The anise flavours of fennel match beautifully with the blonde chocolate and caramelized fennel seeds. Lovage, with its truly unique flavour can withstand the intense dark chocolate. The delicate flavour of lemon balm is accentuated by the silky white chocolate. The truly remarkable flavour of the blackcurrant leaf and delicate blackcurrant compote are perfect with a smooth milk chocolate.

Each individual chocolate heart is carefully hand-painted so every one is individual, and with their delicious filled centres, the combination of flavours and textures are created for your satisfaction. Attention to detail is of utmost importance to ensure your enjoyment of ‘rud éigin milis’ (something sweet).


You can easily pre-order your box of Grá Chocolates, allowing you to order in advance. Select an available shipping date below. The pre-ordered box of chocolates will ship on your selected date.


Is milis an saol é (It’s a sweet life).


Le grá ó,

Gráinne xx

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Herbalicious (preorder)
Limited Edition box of 12 hand-painted crescent shaped chocolates with original fillings.

Lovage it

Rich dark chocolate paired with lovage is a new experience. Lovage is a delicate herb with flavours of anise and celery. It has an intriguing flavour! The candied stems and rich lovage ganache are a unique and exciting match.

Keep it Currant

The carefully hand picked blackcurrant leaves are slowly infused with the cream. The smooth thin layer of milk chocolate paired with the floral flavour of blackcurrant leaves. The sharp blackcurrant jam combines with the ganache for a two toned jewel like chocolate. 

Balm, Balm, Lemon Balm

The bright citrusy flavour of lemon balm brings together the acidity of lemon and the freshness of mint. The subtle sweet flavour pairs beautifully with white chocolate and is balanced with a sharp lemon gel.

So Fennel

The delicate and mild flavour of fresh fennel is infused into a smooth ganache. Caramelised fennel seeds add a delicate crunch with a smooth anise flavour. This is rounded off with blonde chocolate and it’s beautiful caramelised notes.

12 pieces


Allergens: May contain traces of gluten and nuts. Contains milk products, soy.


Made in Kilchreest, Co. Galway. Déanta I gCill Chríost, Co. na Gaillimhe

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