Orange You Glad


Treat your self ♡

This perfect duo is hard to deny; orange and chocolate are a match made in heaven. It is the perfect pairing of orange and chocolate elevated to a new level. 

If you enjoy an orange, you'll love this zesty orange, melting praline, chocolate creation. Our Orange You Glad contains the perfect balance of delicate chocolate and vibrant orange.

The heart is filled with a mouth-watering orange marmalade made using the whole orange which adds a pleasant bitterness. This perfectly compliments the simply divine pecan praline. We make our praline using the finest of pecan nuts and pair it with a silky milk chocolate which adds just the right amount of sweetness to the overall balance of this chocolate heart. 

Only the freshest oranges, with firm, full-coloured, smooth skin will give the hearty zest that is needed. Add this to the alluring melt of praline and smooth dark chocolate. The result is something special. Our Orange You Glad make the perfect any-time sweet treat, accompanied by your favourite drink - whether it’s a delicate glass of bubbles or your favourite cuppa, the choice is yours!
Is milis an saol é (It’s a sweet life).

Le grá ó,

Gráinne xx

Weight : 200 grams



Contains milk  and nut products. 

May contain traces of gluten.

All chocolate products should be stored in a cool and dark place, with a humidity index lower than  40%. Refrigeration is not recommended as it will damage the aesthetic and texture of the chocolate.

Orange You Glad is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.