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Here we are for the chocolate lovers! And even might I say for those who think they don’t like chocolate. The fillings, the flavours and the textures – this is something new! Learn to love chocolate again by exploring incredible tastes in a Grá Chocolate box.

+353 (087) 3177693 Kilchreest, Co. Galway. Ireland


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About Us

Our process

Grá Chocolates is a chocolate brand founded on giving the best quality produce created into a mouthful of excitement. Following our principals of sourcing locally and sustainably, based on our conviction that great taste comes from the finest ingredients.

We work painstakingly in small batches by hand with grá, right here in Co Galway. The bonbons are hand-painted and take three full days to create. For the fillings, we source locally and ethically produced ingredients to create unforgettable flavours. In addition, we polish each mould individually to ensure that the bonbons retain their beautiful shine. There are no shortcuts taken in the process because we know every single step makes a difference in the end.

Tasting is a special art

Each one of the individually artistically hand-painted chocolates has their own character comprising of unique aromas, textures and flavours

Bee my Honey

Bubbly honeycomb pieces are expertly made and brought to the perfect stage of caramel. As well as the crunchy pieces we add Sliabh Aughty Honey from Co. Galway and a luscious honey ganache. All encased in a rich dark chocolate shell.

Mint to be

Oozing mint fondant is made using the best quality peppermint. The water mint used in the ganache is foraged infused into a smooth ganache. The creamy milk chocolate delicately combines with the mint, leaving this the ultimate after-dinner mint.


Gooey strawberry compot paired with a beautiful white chocolate ganache made with Kylemore Farmhouse Raw Cream. Rich and creamy white chocolate is paired with the acidity of the strawberries is a match made in heaven.

lil' bit salty

Soft and satisfying, but thick enough to stay in its shell. The ultimate caramel with delicate flakes of Achill Island Sea Salt from Co. Mayo. The tiny flakes gently melt on the tongue, cutting through the richness of the forceful milk chocolate and accentuating the caramel notes.

Nuts about you

Using the best quality hazelnuts to make our luxurious hazelnut praline with a delicate touch of Achill Island Sea Salt. This is a heavenly combination of smooth praline with the salt that just elevates the rounded notes of the dark chocolate.

Head Chef & Founder

I wanted to create a box of chocolates that were made with care and attention and allowed me to express my artistic side! I use my expert pastry knowledge to create delicious chocolates that are accessible to all chocolate-lovers. Quality is of huge importance to me and I sought to carry the same focus on ingredients, quality and craft of each product into every box of Grá Chocolates.

Gráinne Mullins